Mounting & Finishing Services

Our Mounting and Finishing services are among the best in the industry. We have been offering photography services since 1976.

All prints are mounted flush to the edge of the board. Boards are pictured in order from top to bottom as described here.  The following are mounting options

STANDARD WEIGHT:  is a paper-based product that is 1/16” thick.  The standard board provides a smooth surface and is excellent for putting your prints into economical frames.

DOUBLE WEIGHT:  is a paper-based product that is 1/8” thick. The additional thickness from our standard weight board allows this board to be used for sizes up to 24”x30”.  Perfect for pre-made frames.

STYRENE BOARDS: are a plastic-based product that measure 1/16” in thickness but offer our smoothest surface.  This board is rigid and is a great option when mounting, Metallic, Glossy, or canvas prints.

WHITE FOAM BOARDS: are ideal for trade show displays, or any application where weight is a factor.  This soft board dents easily and is not recommended in many applications, so  the extra cost for Gatorfoam Boards is well worth the value.  Foam Boards measure 3/16 in thickness.

GATORFOAM: these boards are 3/16” in thickness but are lightweight and rigid. A foam core between two solid surfaces makes this board our most popular option for larger prints.

HARDBOARD/MASONITE: These are heavy boards that are best for mounting canvases and other large portraits. The extra weight makes your mounted print “feel” more expensive.  These boards are  wood-based products that are 3/16” thick.

STANDOUT BOARDS: These boards are ¾” thick and do not require additional framing. Standout Boards have a plastic black edge and have holes drilled in the back for easy hanging.  Standout boards are also now available with a silver edge.

bevel mount boards   Bevel Mount Boards are a unique option for displaying your prints.  They come in three size: 8’x8’, 8”x10” and 10”x10”.  Simply prop your Bevel Mounted print in a bookshelf or against a lamp.  If you would like to add a paper easel to attach to the back of your print please specify when placing your order.  Bevel Mount Boards are an excellent choice to combine with Floating Block Mounts.

Standout Block


Floating block mounts can be added to any print mounted on Gatorfoam, Masonite, Standout Boards or our Bevel mount boards.  These wooden blocks come pre-drilled so hanging is easy.  Prints larger 16x20 require two blocks.  These blocks are ¾” thick and will create a floating effect between your mounted print and the wall.


Brush Stroke


A brush stroke texture can be applied to any print we produce, but the most popular substrate is canvas.  The UV protective gel is applied with an artist brush. Once the gel dries it becomes hard and creates the “swirl” texture of an artist’s brush stroke.  This effect is not for everyone, so we recommend looking at a sample in our lobby or ordering a smaller print before ordering the finish for a larger more expensive print.

UV Coating   Protective Coatings help preserve your prints. The water based luster coating provides protection from UV rays, fingerprints, dust and other elements in the air.
laminator   Laminating your prints protects your prints from dirt, fingerprints, UV rays, and other elements in the atmosphere.  We offer two weights of smooth lamination.  We offer a 3 mil glossy lamination or a 5mil available in both glossy and matte surfaces.  We also offer a Matte Pebble textured Over-Laminate for portraits and display prints.


Type 5x7 8x10 8x12 8.5x11 11x14 12x18 16x20 16x24 20x24 20x30 24x30 30x40
Flush on std. weight board 3.10 3.60 3.95 4.25 4.25 5.50 5.95          
Flush on dbl. weight board 4.00 4.75 5.75 6.20 6.20  7.25  8.50  11.50  11.50  16.00  18.00  
Foam board 5.00 5.25 8.40 8.40 8.95  10.50  13.70  16.00  16.50  17.50  22.75  33.00
Styrene 5.00 6.00 7.50 7.50 8.50  12.00  13.00  17.00  17.50  18.90    
3/16” Gatorfoam 5.75 6.00 8.75 8.75 9..25  10.75  15.75  19.50  19.50  20.75  29.20  42.00
Hardboard or Masonite   7.50 8.50   9.50    14.50    19.50    31.00  41.00
Stand Out Board   11.50 13.00   15.50    20.50    29.00  40.00  62.00  


Heat Lamination for Photographs

Type 5x7 8x10 11x14 16x20 20x24 20x30 24x30 30x40
3 mil glossy 1.00 1.20 1.50 2.75 5.90 6.50 9.00  
5 mil high gloss and matte 2.87 4.35 6.60 9.75 12.25 13.00 14.50 25

Textured Over-Laminates

Surface 5x7 8x10 11x14 16x20 20x24 20x30 24x30
Matte Pebble 3.85 5.95 6.75 10.50 15.75 16.65 22.00

Print Coating

8 Wallets 4x5
8.5x10 8.5x11 8x12 11x14 12x18 16x20 16x24 20x24 20x30 24x30 30x40
1.00 .85 .90 1.00 1.10 1.15 1.60 1.85 2.10 2.20 2.35 2.75 3.80 6.00

Brush Texture Coating

8x10 and smaller 11x14
20x24 24x30
7.00 8.75 11.00 13.50 18.00 40.00