Giclée Prints

Canvas Print
Wall Cling
Canvas Print
Wall Cling

Giclees are available in various finishes and are among our most popular items.

The Definition Giclee (zhee-klay) - The French word "giclée" translates as sprayed or squirted liquid.  In French it is used as a noun, and has become the term in the United States that describes a finished product of sprayed ink.

Canvas prints are our most popular Giclees. They are available as various finished products. You may choose from Gallery Wrapped, wrapped with an edge color of your choice, or printed to size for mounting on Masonite or Styrene Boards.  Standard sizes are available in our ROES software, but feel free to send a file using our Easy File Uploader or as an attachment to an email.

Paper Giclees are offered on a variety of papers.

Smooth Fine Art is a premium paper similar to one an artist would use for both sketching and painting. It gives you a subdued look for you paintings, sketches or photographs.

Textured Fine Art is like Smooth Fine Art, but it has an embedded textured surface resembling paper artist use for watercolors.  The paper is more absorbent so colors will not appear as saturated.

Premium Photo Lustre paper produces rich, vibrant color prints and black & white high impact prints. It has a very slight texture much like traditional luster photo paper. Lustre Paper is the most popular option when printing Black and White Giclees.

Matte Paper produces images that call for a flat subdued look and is slightly lighter weight that the Premium Art Papers. It should be used when reflection is a problem.

Glossy Paper produces a high impact look with additional contrast. Commercial shots will jump off of this paper.  Glossy Paper is not the best option when framing behind glass.

Semi Matte Paper gives a compromise look between Matte and Glossy Papers. It is also a little thinner and lighter weight than those products.

Wall Cling material is a fun was to show off your images.  Wall clings are great for indoor commercial uses. Use them to promote a new item, give customers directions, or just as a welcome the public to your business. Wall Clings are a fun way to display your favorite images in your home. Children’s sports, vacation shots, or fun posters, they are simple just roll them on the wall.  Wall Clings can be moved to new locations easily.  We do not trim out images within a standard size.

Size Textured Fine Art Paper
Smooth Fine Art Paper
Premium Photo Luster
Inkjet Photo Semi
Inkjet Photo Matte
8x8 $18.00 $10.50
8x10 $18.50 $11.00
8x12 $19.50 $12.00
10x10 $19.50 $12.00
11x11 $20.00 $13.00
11x14 $23.00 $15.00
12x18 $27.50 $18.50
16x16 $29.00 $20.50
16x20 $32.00 $22.00
20x20 $36.00 $25.00
16x24 $37.00 $22.00
20x24 $40.00 $25.00
24x24 $42.00 $28.00
20x30 $42.00 $28.00
24x30 $52.00 $33.00
24x36 $56.00 $36.00
30x30 $59.00 $38.50
30x40 $65.00 $42.00